lovehatethings podcast

The lovehatethings podcast was started by Anthony Marco in the summer of 2008. Originally conceived as a blog, the website had several months of blog posts and shared pop culture ephemera before the host decided to record some of the blog entries.

Soon after, less scripted, more extempore recordings were done as Impromptu Podcasts. The when the number of regular (scripted) podcasts and the Impromptu podcasts were both reaching around the number 42, the decision was made to unify the nomenclature and simply move to a unified podcast number for both at episode 85.

For the first few hundred episodes, a quiet backing track of music (usually significant to the topic at hand) was mixed below the talking in the podcast. Eventually that practice stopped and only the voice remained.

Since episode 85, other than a few episodes, most of the records have been extempore and are usually followed by a piece of music.

As of December 9, 2016 there have been 795 episodes of the lovehate podcast with some bonus episodes thrown in for good measure.

Some of the bonus episodes have taken the form of lovehate vegas recordings, often from a Las Vegas casino floor or hotel room.

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