snaejneerg podcast

The snaejneerg podcast premiered on February 27, 2016. The creator and host is Jason Reese.

The main focus is creativity and there are thirteen episode series focusing on Julia Cameron books which comprise The Artist's Way series. The first series was about The Artist's Way. The second series was about Walking in this World. The third series will be about Finding Water. When these series are not in progress, the podcast is dedicated to audio miscellany.

Audio miscellany is comprised of the bits and pieces of audio either recorded personally by Jason or found by him on YouTube that does not fit into the Up In This Brain podcast.

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Theme Song

The theme song for the snaejneerg podcast is Cantina Rag by Jackson F. Smith

Origin of the podcast name

snaejneerg is greenjeans backwards which refers to Mr. Green Jeans from the television show Captain Kangaroo.

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