The Showhole

The exact origin of this podcast is quite murky. Rumor has it the original podcast started in 1897 behind an old rail station in the village of Old Armpit, TN, by three space Mexicans. That was where they came across the all-powerful and mighty Burrito and took it as a sign to start a podcast. The original podcast was transmitted through a large, steam-powered mechanical spider. In those days, listening wasn't On Demand, townspeople could only listen when the mechanical spider came to lay waste to their village. The Showhole was the most listened to podcast until 1929 when the stock market crashed. It would not make its return until 1944 when it was a source for allied propaganda during World War 2. During the Cold War, the podcast was transmitted into Russia until David Hasselhoff, after listening to episode #3245 and a conversation about lightbulbs in leather jackets, was inspired to singlehandedly tear down the Berlin Wall.

The podcast was shelved for many years, until Jason Reese, Jasen Buch, Heavy D, and Brent Morris decided to resurrect The Showhole in late 2016 in order to annoy people and no other reason. Coincidentally, in their first return episode, they mentioned Space Mexicans. That was weird.

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