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The Up In This Brain podcast premiered on March 29, 2013. The creator and host is Jason Reese. The first episode, Slow Talker, is pretty horrifying but is where it all began so it remains posted for those interested in the history of this odd example of what happens when a blogger transitions into podcasting with absolutely no training and hardly any forethought.

Up In This Brain is described as part personal journal, part mix tape. The typical episode is around thirty minutes long and features an unplanned monologue and one or two songs. However, this wildly varies. Occasional theme episodes center around one topic. Past theme episodes have been produced about television shows Miami Vice and The Wonder Years and songs from movie soundtracks.

The home of Up In This Brain is the fictional town of Armpit, Tennessee. Armpit is about thirty miles east of Nashville, Tennessee and has two Arby's. Two!

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Notable recurring characters:

  • Calvert DeForest : Calvert DeForest is typically referred to in his current location, the afterlife. He is portrayed as running a card game in the afterlife with celebrities that have recently passed. Calvert DeForest remains one of Jason's greatest comedic influences.
  • Calvert: In tribute to Calvert DeForest, the character Calvert is a voice from Jason's 2002 iBook G3. He randomly appears with Agnes, another voice from Jason's 2002 iBook G3. Both characters made their first appearance on June 19, 2015 in episode 179, Late Nite JRM. Calvert suffers greatly at the virtual hands of Agnes and repeatedly threatens to sabotage their iBook in order to put himself out of his continuing misery.
  • Agnes: Agnes appears with Calvert. She constantly nags Calvert. Calvert would probably not be able to function without her and knowing this makes Calvert even angrier.
  • Alex the Dog: A fur person that lives in Jason's house. Alex has been heard barking on some episodes of Up In This Brain and the Smooth Sailing podcast. Alex is a mixed breed, part Schnauzer and part West Highland White Terrier and was acquired from a local animal rescue.
  • Sadie the Dog: A fur person that lives in Jason's house. Sadie has been heard barking on some episodes of Up In This Brain and the Smooth Sailing podcast. Sadie is a Bichon Frise and is pure evil. Her former owners gave her away for free and she is a daily reminder to Jason that nothing in life is free.
  • The Mighty Ford Contour: The Mighty Ford Contour was Jason's work vehicle from 2006 to 2016. After determining that it needed more repairs than it is worth, it was sold by the company. Jason agreed with this decision. It is a 1999 Ford Contour. It is white and the trunk leaks. Good luck to whoever gets it next if it is not parted out! Many drive-thru recordings including the very first one in episode one were made in it.


  • "Playing cards with Calvert DeForest" : used in reference to a recent notable death. Some of the people referred to as "Playing cards with Calvert DeForest" include Joan Rivers, Prince, Glenn Frey, Robin Williams, Alan Thicke and Jason's wife's great-aunt Irene.
  • "Wordy dirds" : refers to any off-color language. Multiple wordy dird warnings are presented before an actual wordy dird is spoken on the podcast mainly so that Doug has time to turn down the volume before his daughter might be exposed to such nonsense. Typically, wordy dirds are spoken by others within shared clips.
  • "Toy boat, toy boat" : spoken whenever Jason loses control of his speech mechanism. This was made popular by Chevy Chase during his one season on Saturday Night Live while anchoring Weekend Update.



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